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Courteney Cox says a "Friends" reunion is "not gonna happen"

Holding out hope for a "Friends" reunion? Then Courteney Cox has some bad news for you.

The "Cougar Town" actress put rumors of a reunion to rest Monday during an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman."

"It's not gonna happen," Cox, 49, said.

As she pointed out, she can't even get her former co-stars together for a meal, let alone a reunion project.

"There's six friends and I have been trying to put together a cast dinner for 10 years," Cox told Letterman. "It doesn't happen. I mean, I can get the girls to come, maybe Matthew Perry. Matt LeBlanc canceled last time right at the last minute, [David] Schwimmer lives [in New York City], so it's just not going to happen."

Her comments confirm what "Friends" co-creator Marta Kaufman said last year when a reunion was rumored to be in the works. "I'm going to clear this up -- it's not happening," she said at the time. "'Friends' was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there's no need anymore."

Watch a clip of Cox's "Late Show" interview below:

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