Couric and Hartman go Behind the Story

After his "Assignment America" story every week, Steve Hartman usually talks with Katie Couric about the story, and then gives a preview to next week's story.  

But tonight there was a lot to catch up on and not enough time on TV, so we embedded it here, online.

Tonight, Steve went back to catch up with a family he met last year who was going through a tough time in the recession.   One year later, things are looking up.  Check out the video here. 

Also, you may remember Steve's story from last week about Dave Hartsock - a skydiving instructor who saved the life of his student - as they were plummeting to the ground when their parachutes didn't work right. 

Well, Dave's been through a bit of a tough time economically, and our viewers have pitched in to help him out - raising nearly $40,000 for him in one week.