Couple Who Broke into Home ID'd by Sex Tape They Left Behind, Police Say


ELMA, Wash. (CBS/AP) Sex tapes are generally a bad idea. Sex tapes filmed using a stolen video camera are a worse one. Sex tapes filmed after breaking into someone's home?

Worst idea ever?

But a man and a woman in Washington apparently thought it would be a great idea to get down and dirty in a stranger's home.

What the duo did not anticipate was the arrival of a neighbor who had come to collect the mail while the owner of the home was away.

The Grays Harbor County sheriff's office says the neighbor caught the 39-year-old woman and 31-year-old man having sex on the floor.

Chief Deputy Dave Pimental says the couple clad only in their birthday suits fled leaving behind the camera which they had stolen elsewhere, and which contained footage of their bare behinds.

Luckily, deputies said Tuesday that they were able to use the video in order to identify the risque perpetrators. Perhaps not surprisingly, they'd had previous run-ins with the sheriff's department.

The woman was arrested in Montesano which is approximately ten miles from Elma for investigation of burglary, and an arrest warrant has been issued for the Elma man.