Couple Welcomes Second Set Of Triplets

Richard and Sharon Fontana are seen with their three-day-old triplets, Elyssa, left, Eric, and Evan, right, at the NICU ward of St. Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J. on Tuesday, May 2, 2006. The Fontanas, already parents to another set of two-year old triplets, will go through an estimated three dozen bottles and about 40 diapers a day. (AP Photo/Home News Tribune, Jody Somers)
AP/Home News Tribune
Every parent feels a little overwhelmed when leaving the hospital with a newborn. What must it feel like to leave the hospital holding three newborns, to go home to another set of triplets?

Rich and Sharon Fontana welcomed Elyssa, Evan and Eric into the world on Monday. Their other children, Danielle, David and Dylan, are 2 years old, which means the family has a total of six children in diapers.

Speaking for the two-year-olds, Sharon told CBS News correspondent Melinda Murphy, "I think they're just going to love the babies until they realize that they're not going to go home."

The Fontanas said their triplets were a happy surprise, especially since Sharon says she was told when she was 16 she would be unable to have any children, Murphy reports on CBS News' The Early Show.

"We had two boys and a girl and my wife kept saying she wanted another girl to play with Danielle so we were just trying for a daughter," Rich said.

"I went to the doctors and they told me I was pregnant with only one baby," Sharon told Murphy. "And then I went back for an ultrasound and they told me it was two. And then I fell down the stairs and I had to get checked out and all of the sudden there was three. And each time I went for an ultrasound I was like don't find another one."

The family will go through an estimated 40 diapers and three dozen bottles a day. With six small children, grandmother Fran Wubeenhorst will be helping out. "I had to quit my job when Sharon had these three because I was needed at home…and now I can't go back," she told Murphy.

With a tiny baby in each arm, Sharon Fontana said she's ready for motherhood, times six.

"I am, I guess. I don't have much choice," she said.

And will there be any more children in this couple's future? "I think this will be it, six kids," Rich told Murphy. "I'll have to get a school bus if we get any more."