Couple gets into fight after watching "Dr. Phil"

Ambridge, Pa. Police Department, where a couple found themselves on Thanksgiving after alleged domestic violence incident
CBS Pittsburgh

(CBS) AMBRIDGE, Pa. - It's not the sort of "review" that television's Dr. Phil would want. 

Police in western Pennsylvania say a young couple got into a physical fight on Thanksgiving Day right after watching an episode of psychologist Phil McGraw's tv show about former relationships and ex-partners, CBS Pittsburgh reported. 

According to Ambridge police, 21-year-old Sarah Dusenberry sustained bruises and scrapes after her 20-year-old boyfriend, Joseph Reefer, pushed her into a mirror, and a potted cactus plant.

Ambridge police officer Sean Owen told CBS Pittsburgh, "the fight occurred because they were talking about ex-partners, ex-relationships on Dr. Phil."

Reefer was arrested and charged with assault and harassment, and taken to the Beaver County Jail until he made bail Monday.

Dusenberry was moving her belongings out of their apartment on Tuesday.