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Country stars Maddie & Tae on touring with Brad Paisley and new fashion line

Country Music Award-winning duo Maddie & Tae are best known for their hit singles “Girl in a Country Song” and “Fun,” and now they’re dabbling in fashion design as well. The two just launched new fashion collection AQUA x Maddie & Tae at Bloomingdale’s.

CBS caught up with Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye at the launch event to talk about their youthful clothing line, what it’s like to tour with Brad Paisley, their favorite things in New York and more.

What is the inspiration behind this line?

Marlow: Well, we are ’90s babies so there are a lot of fun ’90s pieces in this line. We really trusted the designers here. They sent us different prints, cuts of dresses and we kind of collaborated and said this is what we love or this isn’t really us.  

I always says this, but it’s comfortable! I hate dresses and tight stuff and this line did such a good job at making everything comfortable. It fits everyone’s bodies and it’s really exciting to be a part of such a fun, youthful line. We are only 21 and 20. But, the line is so cozy, youthful and authentic …

Dye: [singing] And funky!

What has it been like to balance your new line and your music career?

Marlow: It’s kind of crazy because we are writing our second record. But we aren’t promoting a record, we are promoting a line. It’s the perfect timing before we release the second record. And this is another way to express ourselves creatively.

Music is obviously our no. 1, always. But it’s so fun to venture out to another creative outlet. Being a young woman, fashion is super important and it’s just fun. We aren’t really experts, like Tae said, but it’s just really fun, especially with AQUA.

How has your passion for music inspired your clothing line?

Dye: Growing up in Nashville and wanting to be songwriters -- we had a mentor, Aaron Scherz. We wrote “Growing A Country Song” with him and I’ll never forget the impact he made. He always taught us to be ourselves and to be authentic. Staying true to ourselves has been a big part of our career and that’s why we are here. We went into that meeting and we told them exactly who we were and they liked it. They wanted that perspective with the new line.

With songwriting, we love to stay authentic and true to ourselves and that’s exactly the same feeling and emotion we tried to bring to this capsule.

You guys spend a lot of time together. Do you guys ever disagree?

Marlow and Dye: [laughing] Totally.

Dye: We disagree on a lot.  

Marlow: It’s a marriage and you have to value each other’s opinions. Some people forget that when you are collaborating you aren’t always right. So you have to be open-minded and have to remember there are two minds creating. So you have to respect the other person. And when there’s something we don’t agree with, we always find a compromise.

Dye: Yeah. We always can meet in the middle.

Marlow: For example, when we are writing a song and there’s something she’s so passionate about and if I don’t really like it we will always find a middle ground and she does the same for me.

Dye: It’s also knowing what battles to fight. Like there was this jewelry sponsorship that wanted us to do some work. And I was like, “I don’t think it’s right for us. It might be too soon.”

Marlow: And I was really into it because it was close to my heart. But Tae was like, “I feel super uncomfortable.” So, eventually I thought that if I love it so much, I could do it on my own. We don’t have to do everything together but we love to!

Dye: Yeah. It’s all about seeing the bigger picture.

What has it been like touring with Brad Paisley?

Marlow: Amazing! Our big brother, Tyler [Dye] is on the tour too. So we are having a blast!

Dye: The first time we met him, we asked him how he stays inspired on the road and how he finds the time to write on the road because we knew we were going to be so busy. He said, “Don’t be closed off to anything. If you have an idea, write it down -- don’t write it down later. Just write it down right away and you’ll thank yourself later.”

You guys are both very spiritual. How has your faith guided you?

Dye: God has been amazing in our lives. Especially now when we have the time to lean on him, but you should always find the time. We just thank him for all that we do every day and for all these opportunities.

Marlow: It’s a spiritual experience on stage almost every night. Especially, with the song “Fly.” We were so inspired to write this song and just to hear people’s stories and how it’s impacted them. It’s really cool. There’s not just one person behind that. There’s definitely a higher power and really, our faith keeps us sane.

Dye: I wanted to say that before! When you asked how we keep our positive energy when we’re so busy -- I was like “Jesus!” He fills us with joy and happiness to get through the day.

Nashville girls: What was your first impression of New York?

Dye: The first time we were definitely taken aback a little bit by the traffic for one -- it’s hectic! But it’s so nice. We are staying for three days this time and we always appreciate something new.

What’s your favorite thing to do in New York?

Marlow: Eat!

Dye: Yes, the food.

Marlow: All the food is so good.

Dye: Yes! We love the food at the Roxy Hotel.

What’s your favorite clothing trend?

Marlow: Right now I am loving bootie heels. I used to only wear cowboy boots but I’m doing a lot of funky, crazy colored shoes.

Dye: I’m loving all fringe skirts right now. 

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