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Cosby Trial Set To Resume

After a four-day break to gather its resources, the defense in the Ennis Cosby murder trial begins presenting its case to the jury Wednesday.

CBS News Correspondent Sandra Hughes reports that the defense strategy hinges on pinning the murder on someone else.

Defense attorney Henry Hall's first five scheduled witnesses are all law enforcement officers - four detectives and a sheriff's deputy.

Hall plans to ask the deputy about the origin of some incriminating jailhouse letters allegedly written by defendant Mikail Markhasev. Hall suggests they were written by a convicted forger looking for a break.

Hall also may challenge the way evidence was handled. The knit cap found wrapped around the murder weapon weeks after the killing has been linked to Markhasev through DNA by one tiny hair.

Hall said he was floored last week when the prosecution rested after taking just five days to put on its case.