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Chinese doctor who sounded the alarm on coronavirus dies of the illness

More Americans will be quarantined
More Americans to be quarantined amid coronavirus outbreak 02:07

A Chinese doctor who was threatened by the government after he voiced concerns about the new coronavirus died from the illness early Friday, officials said. Dr. Li Wenliang died at 2:58 a.m. on February 7, the Wuhan Central Hospital said in a statement

The illness had left him in critical condition on Thursday, China's Global Times reported. Earlier, CBS News had reported he died, citing an earlier Global Times report and a statement by the World Health Organization.

Wenliang, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist, warned fellow clinicians in a group chat in December about a SARS-like illness popping up in one of Wuhan's main hospitals, BBC News reported. He was then told by government officials to stop "making false comments."

BBC News said officials visited Wenliang and accused him of having "severely disturbed the social order." They presented him with an official letter, stating: "We solemnly warn you: If you keep being stubborn, with such impertinence, and continue this illegal activity, you will be brought to justice — is that understood?" He signed it.

Dr. Li Wenliang Weibo

After being diagnosed with the illness in January, he was lauded on Chinese social media as a hero for speaking out. Local authorities later apologized. 

The World Health Organization said Thursday it was still too early to say whether the outbreak has reached its peak.

The coronavirus has killed at least 565 people and infected more than 28,000. The total number of cases in the U.S. was 12 as of Thursday morning, in six different states, but the outbreak is still focused largely in central China.

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