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Corgi needs his safety blanket to play fetch

(CBS) - And now for the unusual story of a corgi who has one rule when playing fetch: he needs something in his mouth at all times. Sometimes that's a blanket, sometimes that's a huge stuffed animal. It's just a thing, okay? Everyone has their quirks. This just happens to be little Yuki's.

Wait, did I say "unusual"? I meant "adorable." Hit play and check it for yourself.

Per the YouTube description: "My Yuki has a weird habit. Whenever he plays fetch he gets so excited that he needs to have something in his mouth! So he always grabs at something, especially Chubs (the big dog stuffed animal). Whenever he has a hold of Chubs he gets really ecstatic."

Makes sense. If humans can have stuffed animals and safety blankets, why can't puppies?

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