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Cops: Woman forced to live in Calif. man's closet, abused daily

RICHMOND, Calif. - A Richmond apartment was raided on Monday after police say that a man kept a woman locked in the closet for a year while sexually and physically abusing her, according to CBS San Francisco.

Richmond police, along with agents from the Department of Homeland Security say they rescued a woman who was a victim of international human trafficking, reports the station.

The suspect, 35, hasn't been identified, but the man allegedly lured the woman to United States from Nicaragua after meeting her through Facebook. Police say the suspect promised the woman a better life.

The woman told police that she was forced to live in a closet, and was assaulted and abused daily.

Police said evidence at the house corroborated the woman's story, however, neighbor Jenny Redondo-Corona doesn't believe the woman was being held against her will.

"She was at home all by herself to leave. She could leave if she wanted to leave. He'd go to work every day at 6 a.m. She's there all day by herself -- vacuuming, cleaning, walk to the store," Redondo-Corona told the station

According to CBS San Francisco, officials were able to rescue the woman with the assistance of Homeland Security agents. Police said they contacted the woman via cellphone and then swarmed the home where she was held.

Further details about the incident will be released at a later date, police said.

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