Cops: TSA agent stole $5K from JFK passenger

Transportation Safety Administration agents guard a security checkpoint as passengers prepare to pass through the metal detector at John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport August 27, 2003 in New York City. During a press conference today, the TSA displayed some of the thousands of pieces confiscated by TSA agents from people attempting to board their flights. Since February 2002, airport security screeners have confiscated approximately 7.5 million items.
Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

NEW YORK - Authorities say a Transportation Security Administration agent has stolen $5,000 from a passenger as he was going through security at a New York City airport.

Police and the TSA say Alexandra Schmid took the cash from a passenger's jacket as it went along an X-ray conveyor belt at around 8 p.m. Wednesday at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Police spokesman Al Della Fave says surveillance video showed Schmid wrapping the money in a plastic glove and taking it to a bathroom.

He says the money hasn't been recovered. Police are investigating whether Schmid gave it to another person in the bathroom.

Schmid was arrested on a charge of grand larceny. The name of her attorney wasn't immediately known.