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Cops: Transient stabbed while trying to stop vandalism

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Police say a homeless man trying to stop a group from vandalizing a building was repeatedly stabbed in Anaheim, Calif., reports CBS Los Angeles.

The incident reportedly took place Sunday night and left the victim critically injured.

"We're really saddened by it. Very saddened," said Brenda Sutter, an Anaheim resident, when asked about the attack on the man named Blue, who is reportedly well-liked in the area.

"They were spraying the wall, and he got out to tell them, 'Stop this,' " she said.

Police said the taggers would have likely killed the Anaheim man had a nearby business owner not fired several gunshots into the air, sending the suspects running, reports the station.

Authorities have obtained surveillance footage which reportedly provides a good look at the suspects, but that video has not been released.

The are still at large, CBS Los Angeles reported.

The victim's wife, who declined an on-camera interview with the station, says the attack has left her husband paralyzed.

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