Cops: Toddler calls for help when mom passes out from drugs

Alicia Pruitt
Parker County Sheriff's Office via CBS DFW

PARKER COUNTY, Texas - Authorities in Parker County, Texas say a toddler used a cell phone to dial for help after her mother passed out from using a combination of illegal drugs and synthetic marijuana, reports CBS DFW.

The 4-year-old reportedly called a family member and said her mother was sleeping and they were on the side of the road. The station says the family member found Alicia Pruitt, 24, passed out in her truck, with the engine running and in gear. Pruitt’s foot was reportedly on the brake pedal. 

When the family member could not wake Pruitt, they called 911, reports the station.

Pruitt was treated at the scene and later arrested. She is reportedly charged with public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. Police say she had taken illegally obtained prescription narcotics and “K-2,”also known as synthetic marijuana.

Pruitt told officers she could not remember driving to the side of the road or passing out.  Her daughter has been placed with relatives while the investigation continues, according to CBS DFW.

“This small child was incredibly intelligent and brave,” said Sheriff Larry Fowler. “At only 4 years-of-age, she knew to dial for help, taking a responsibility initiative beyond her tender years.”

“There is no telling what could have happened to this child, had she not been able to call for help,” Fowler continued.