Cops To Try TV Tack In Natalee Case

Authorities hope the Dutch equivalent of "America's Most Wanted" will result in new clues in the search for Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, who vanished on Aruba last May while on a school graduation trip.

CBS News correspondent Bianca Solorzano reports authorities on the island are aiding in the preparation of a reenactment of how they think Holloway, 18, spent her final hours, for the Dutch show whose translated name is "Arrest Requested."

The hope is that the segment, which is scheduled to air April 11, will prompt clues out of Aruba or Holland, Solorzano explains.

The attorney for the Kalpoe brothers, whose car Natalee was in the night she disappeared, was impounded Thursday to be used in the reenactment, Solorzano was told.

Holloway was last seen leaving a local nightclub with three males. The only three known suspects in the case remain free.

Authorities resumed their search for Holloway's body Wednesday, Solorzano adds. Searchers are scouring sand dunes in what may be a last ditch effort, using everything from cadaver dogs to sophisticated radar and digging equipment. But, so far, nothing has turned up.

This latest round of searches is based on what Aruba's deputy police chief, Gerald Dompig, described to 48 Hours correspondent Troy Roberts as "a very reliable tip."

Police from the Netherlands are in Aruba, working with local authorities, Solorzano says.

They've been searching several spots along the island, but have been focusing on a strip of dunes near a lighthouse that's one of the places the three boys previously held in the case said they had stopped with Natalee the night she disappeared.

They've also looked at a nearby pond, and a strip of beach where Holloway is said to have been dropped off that night.

Solorzano spotted a group of searchers on a beach Thursday. The team will reportedly be digging for two weeks.