Cops To Question Doherty In Actor's Death

Pete Doherty of British pop group Babyshambles sings at the Hultsfred music festival in southern Sweden Friday evening June 16, 2006.
Kate Moss' boyfriend and rumored fiancé is again to be surrounded by misfortune. The lead singer of Babyshambles reportedly got into a physical fight with amateur actor Mark Blanco at his friend Paul Roundhill's London flat early Sunday morning. Shortly afterwards, Blanco, 30, fell to his death from a balcony, according to the British paper, The Sun.

The paper reported that Doherty left the party soon after the confrontation and continued partying somewhere else. Doherty has not been linked to the death, but police plan to question him.

"It turned into a full-blown argument, with insults being thrown on both sides," a source told The Sun. "The argument got physical and Roundhill stepped in to break it up. He then asked Blanco to leave. A few minutes later, some lads came rushing up to say there was a man lying in the street."

Police told the Sun: "He fell from a second-floor balcony, but at this stage we don't believe anyone else was involved. However, statements are being taken from people in the flat."

After Doherty left the party, The Sun reports that he headed to the Malmaison Hotel and continued celebrating. Staff called the cops at 2.25 a.m. on Sunday, but Doherty was gone before they arrived.

A hotel spokesman told The Sun: "There is evidence he took drugs, the carpet's wrecked, there are smashed-up bottles everywhere and the place is covered in blood."

The next day, Doherty was fined £770, or $1,513.70, for drug possession.

Doherty is a perennial paparazzi target because of his relationship with Moss, who ran in to some trouble last year when she was photographed with cocaine while in a recording studio with Doherty. But as of late, Doherty has been the wilder of the two. It has been rumored that the supermodel issued her boyfriend an ultimatum that he must get clean or it's over.

"For people who have an addiction problem to seek help, be it by going into rehab or by seeking a private addiction professional treatment, there often needs to be a pivotal life-changing negative event and the consequences need to resonate psychologically with the individual," says Dr. Stephen Gilman, an addiction psychiatrist in New York. "People need to realize that they have a significant problem that's causing significant consequences in their lives."

But Doherty, whose transgressions are almost too numerous to list, has not yet seemed to reach his tipping point. He was arrested in November for possession of possessing crack cocaine after police spotted him driving his car erratically near his east London home. He was released on bail.

Also in November, he was fined $1,400 for assaulting BBC reporter, Trudi Barber. The judge also ordered Doherty to pay $475 in compensation and $380 in court costs but Doherty said he couldn't because he had only 50 cents with him.

In October, Doherty appeared in a London court for a review of his progress after he plead guilty to drug possession in August, reported the BBC. Doherty told the judge he was attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings and said he was optimistic he would beat his addiction. The Babyshambles even canceled their tour so Doherty could focus on getting healthy.

In 2004, he was asked to leave his old band The Libertines, after he could not overcome his addiction to drugs.