Cops: Texas man, high on acid, fatally shoots two friends

Garret James Ballard, 21.

CBS affiliate KEYE

BURNET, Texas - A 21-year-old man is accused of double homicide after two people were found shot to death at a Texas home early Tuesday morning, reports CBS affiliate KEYE.

Garret James Ballard is charged with capital murder for allegedly killing 26-year-old Travis Leslie Fox and 17-year-old Elijah Adam Benson in Burnet County, according to the station. The River Cities Daily Tribune reports the suspect was identified by police as the son of Burnet County Constable Jimmy Ballard.

Police reportedly alleged both the victims and the suspects were using the drug acid at the time of the shooting.

Deputies were dispatched to the scene around 6:15 a.m. after receiving a welfare concern call involving occupants at Ballard's residence and suspected drug use, said the Burnet County Sheriff's Office. Investigators said arriving officers discovered the bodies of two males who appeared to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

According to the Tribune, investigators recovered the suspected murder weapon, a law enforcement officer's rifle, at the scene.

The Sheriff's Office said Ballard - who was not at the home when the bodies were found - was quickly identified as a possible suspect and detained by deputies a short time later.

An arrest warrant affidavit obtained by the paper alleges the suspect and two victims had used the hallucinogenic drug acid before the shooting.

Ballard told investigators that "as the narcotic hallucinogen took effect, strange and disruptive behaviors were exhibited by Fox and Benson," the affidavit states. The suspect reportedly admitted to shooting his friends "for unknown reasons."

He then said that he went to his girlfriend's home and contacted his family.