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Cops: "Spiritual healer" accused of sex abuse walked on pregnant woman's stomach

NEW YORK — A self-proclaimed "spiritual healer" has been arrested, accused of sexually abusing at least five people at his home in the Bronx, reports CBS New York. Christian Robles is accused of sexually abusing three men and two women, and police believe there may be more victims.

Robles, police say, had sex with two of the men and molested all five victims. Two of the victims are husband and his wife, who was pregnant when they came to see Robles. 

Police say Robles molested the husband before walking on the woman's stomach and back, causing her to miscarry. Investigators say the suspect was aware the woman was pregnant.

Police say the 32-year-old attached the victims, who range in age from 20 to 39, in his apartment in April and May. They told police they went to Robles for spiritual guidance, and were told to drink what he called a "potion," and became incapacitated.

Robles faces charges including two counts of criminal sex act, five counts of sex abuse and one count of abortion.

Investigators say Robles had children in his care and they are now is custody of the Administration for Children's Services.

Robles is expected to appear before a judge in the Bronx Wednesday.