Cops: Man who stole Civil War artifacts now charged in getaway hit-and-run crash

Jason Bowen, alleged "Civil War thief" and hit-and-run driver
CBS Baltimore

(CBS) ANNAPOLIS, Md. - A man authorities say stole $68,000 in historic Civil War memorabilia last summer now has another problem.

All these months later, the alleged perpetrator of the "history heist," Jason Bowen, has now been charged in a hit-and-run crash that almost killed a bicyclist during his getaway with all those artifacts.

CBS Baltimore reports it all started at the home of Jason Banis, who had been collecting Civil War memorabilia for 20 years. Last summer his most prized possessions disappeared, a $68,000 value.

Police now believe that as Jason Bowen tried to make his getaway, he hit a bicyclist with his car and then fled, leaving the man fighting for his life. The bicyclist was in critical condition, survived, and is out of the hospital.

When police located Bowen's car, it had massive damage to the front windshield consistent with hitting a person.

Meanwhile, Banis' prized memorabilia has never been recovered.

"I had major dealers wanting to buy some of my stuff that I'd never let go," Banis said. "It's a lifetime of collecting that's now gone.""I had no idea about the hit-and-run. I knew his truck was wrecked. His van was wrecked," Banis said.

By the way, CBS Baltimore reports that before these events the alleged hit-and-run thief, Jason Bowen, was considered family by Jason Banis, the theft victim.

Sounds like civil war.