Cops: Man Taped Stuffing Wife's Body into Trunk

Surveillance video police in Coral Springs, Fla. say shows murder suspect Munawar Toha, 63, stuffing body of his wife, Surya Sari-Prihatin Toha, 41, into trunk of her car, then shoving the car into a lake.
A Florida man was caught on tape stuffing his wife's body into a car trunk, then shoving the vehicle into a lake, police say.

Authorities in Coral Springs say the body of Surya Sari-Prihatin Toha, 41, was found in her car, submerged in the lake. She was last seen late last month dropping her kids off at school.

Her husband, Munawar Toha, 63, is under arrest, charged with premeditated murder.

He'd made a tearful plea for her return Monday, saying, "Your children miss you. Please come home."

But police have released surveillance video they say shows man who looks like Munawar loading a body into a car's trunk and pushing it into the lake.

Coral Springs detective Scott Meyers told reporters ,"You see him driving a car into the parking lot, then driving the care through the fence, pushing it over the bank and ultimately, the car going into the water submerging and disappearing from sight."

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