Denver cops shoot suspect in hostage situation at 7-Eleven


DENVER, Colo. – Denver police broke up a hostage situation Monday morning by shooting and incapacitating a suspect inside a local 7-Eleven, reports CBS Denver.

The Denver Police, along with SWAT teams and negotiators, arrived at the scene in response to an emergency call reporting a threatening person inside the store after 8:30 a.m.

“After negotiating for about an hour, the individual decided to come out holding a female hostage, at which time the officers told me he had to let the hostage go,” said Denver Police Chief Robert White, who confirmed that the suspect was keeping several people inside the store.

“He refused. He then tried to drag the female back in the store. Out of fear for the female’s safety, one of our officers fired a shot, striking the individual,” said White.

It is unclear if the suspect carried a weapon.

None of the hostages were injured.