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Cops: Man lied about daughter stabbing him to protect her

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Birmingham police say a man who reported he was stabbed during a robbery was actually stabbed by his daughter during a domestic dispute with her mother. He later died of his injuries. reports Wednesday that Eddie Casmer Townsend was found stabbed on his front porch by neighbors on May 6.

Townsend reportedly told police that while he was doing yard work, three men approached him and demanded money. When Townsend said he didn't have any he was reportedly stabbed three times.

But now police say detectives learned Townsend was stabbed during a domestic altercation with his wife who had called their daughters for help.

"Apparently, after the daughters arrived at the residence they attempted to restrain the victim who had a knife in his hands," Lt. Sean Edwards said, according to CBS affiliate WIAT. "At that time, one of the daughters stabbed the victim according to witnesses."

Townsend reportedly made up the story about the robbers to protect his daughter.

The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office declined to pursue charges against the daughter.

Police say there had been a history of domestic violence at the home.

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