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Cops: Man drove with girlfriend on car, beat her with crutch

INDIANA COUNTY, Pa. - A Pennsylvania man is accused of driving two miles at high speed with his girlfriend clinging to the front hood before slamming on his brakes, sending her hurtling to the pavement, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Authorities say that Billie Joe Fridley then beat his 25-year-old girlfriend - Audrey Justus - with one of her crutches.

Fridley, 42, reportedly admits hitting Justus with a crutch but denies that he was trying to hurt her by driving with her clinging to the vehicle.

"I'm just trying to get away from the woman," Fridley told the station.

"I had to get her off my car. I ain't gonna punch her with my fist or nothing," he added.

Fridley said he didn't call 911 because Justus had his phone.

Justus, a mother of three, declined treatment following the incident, but troopers say she had a large bruise where Fridley allegedly hit her on the arm.

When asked if he could go back in time and not hit her with a crutch, Fridley told the station, "That was the only way to get her off the car, man."

Fridley remains free on bond. He's been ordered to stay away from Justus.