Cops: Kansas man tried to drown 2 kids in bathtub

LaMonte Brown
LaMonte Brown

(CBS/KCTV) KANSAS CITY, Kan. - An apparently intoxicated 23-year-man was charged with trying to drown two small children in a bathtub Friday, reports CBS affiliate KCTV.

Shanice Jackson told the station that the police arrived just in time to save her and the children from LaMonte L. Brown.

"...If it wasn't for them coming when they did, I think me and my kids would have been dead last night. I really do," Jackson said. "I think he would have killed us... I think my kids would have drowned in the tub last night."

Stephen Smith, spokesman for the Kansas City (Kan.) Police Department, said police got a call from neighbors who heard screaming coming from the apartment. They arrived around 8 p.m. Friday night and tried to kick in the front door to get to the bathroom where the man, boys and woman were.

Jackson, who is pregnant with Brown's child, said Brown had her pinned down in the bathroom, but she managed to get loose and opened the front door for the officers.

Smith said the children, ages 1 and 3 years old, were wet from being held underwater by the man who was under the influence of a substance, possibly PCP.

"As soon as the suspect saw the officers, he grabbed the 3-year-old and went into the bathroom and proceeded to attempt to drown the child in the bathtub. The officers went into the bathroom, they Tased the suspect, were able to rescue the child and then were able to take the suspect into custody," said Smith.

Luckily, the children appear to be fine.

According to Smith, Brown resisted arrest and that's why he had to be stunned by a Taser. He is being held for attempted murder, aggravated battery and assaulting a police officer.

Brown has been battling depression and threatened suicide earlier in the week, said Jackson, but he had never before tried to harm the children.

"I just can't believe these kids went through all of this last night," she said. "He was just kinda like ranting and raving and telling everybody in the building he was God and scaring the kids by yelling. He locked us in the bathroom and wouldn't let us out."