SF fast food worker attacked by drive-thru patron, police say

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

SAN FRANCISCO - An employee working at a fast food drive-thru window in San Francisco's Bayview District was attacked by a patron, police say, according to CBS San Francisco.

The incident occurred Saturday, April 19 around 12:50 a.m., but the 25-year-old victim did not immediately notify police of the attack.

The incident reportedly began when the "customer" pulled up to the drive-thru window. Police say that when the employee asked the man how he could help him, the man responded with profanity and said he wanted to beat up the worker, according to the station.

After the verbal confrontation, the suspect allegedly got out of his car and jumped through the drive-thru window into the restaurant.

He started to kick the victim, and then other employees rushed to the aid of their co-worker, police said.

The suspect then got back in his car and drove away, reports CBS San Francisco.

The victim was able to provide video surveillance footage that captured the attack, police said. Now they're trying to capture the attacker.