Cop Rips Blinged Out Grill from Man's Teeth at Tenn. Jail, Says Attorney

(Credit: AP Graphic)
(Credit: AP Graphic)
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CBS/AP) There's a reason why Lil Wayne had dental surgery before heading to the big house.

Inmate Anthony McCoy was told to remove the jewelry from his teeth before heading to jail, but he said it was cemented to his teeth and couldn't be removed.

McCoy ended up spitting out blood and teeth after a sheriff's lieutenant reached into his mouth and yanked out the grill, according to McCoy's attorney David Raybin.

Raybin says the enamel on his client's front four teeth were ripped off and he was denied proper medical treatment afterward.

McCoy was arrested in November and brought to the jail for not paying child support.

Lawyers in Nashville have worked out a settlement of $95,000, which is schedule d to go before Nashville's Metropolitan Council on Tuesday evening.

The sheriff's lieutenant was demoted and suspended.

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