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Cooper Still A Yes On Bailout

Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper told the Nashville Tennessean Thursday he will still vote for the revised bailout package, despite concerns from some of his fellow conservative Blue Dog members over the addition of tax breaks.

“In a time of national crisis like this, I think we have to put that issue aside because it's a smaller issue,” Cooper said of the disagreement over a package of tax extenders.

Cooper said many of his fellow members have been on an emotional roller coaster trying to decide how to vote on the plan.

“Privately, I had a lot of people very emotional about it, very upset,” Cooper told the paper. “It's the hardest issue a representative faces. Do you owe your constituents slavish obedience or your best judgment? And in complex situations that are data-driven, I think you owe them your best judgment. Because we get to see some things they can't see.”


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