Cool Summer Looks For Men

Whether for work or play, getting dressed during a heat wave is not easy.

So Ariel Foxman, the editor-in-chief of Cargo magazine, offered on The Early Show some easy - and cool - outfits for men to wear on these hot summer days.

They are based on a survey Cargo did recently about what women like on men. And best of all, you can get them at a cool price. The key is to tell the steal from the splurge.

Felicity Wood from New Castle, Australia, was chosen from the Plaza audience to join anchors Rene Syler, Harry Smith and Hannah Storm in the Chic on a Shoestring test and found out it was not easy to tell which is more expensive. Rene came in first place.

The following are the looks:

Look No. 1: Shorts, Shirt and Zip-Front Track Jacket

Women want men to look put together, but not as if they are trying too hard. Foxman suggests if you are running errands, going out to grab the paper, or headed out for brunch on the weekends, throw on a pair of khaki shorts with a cotton Henley shirt and graphic zip-up sweater. The sweater adds a hint of style, while the khakis keep it practical.

Splurge: On Model No. 1
John Varvatos Zip-Front Sweater $460
Adam T-shirt $60
Arnold Zinberg Shorts $90
John Varvatos for Converse Sneaker $90

Grand Total: $700

Steal On Model No. 2
Gap Zip-Front Sweater $50
Guess T-shirt $49
Old Navy Shorts $20
Converse Sneaker $45

Grand Total: $164

What's the Difference? The Varvatos sweater is a cashmere blend. The hardware on it is also a little nicer with a double zipper. As for the color, purple is the season's new pink - not as controversial - in the same family as blue, but a nice alternative to the usual colors found in most men's wardrobes. The Gap sweater is cotton. For shoes, the more expensive ones are Pirelli from Italy. The cheaper version is the fashion staple Havaianas, which is a great deal at $12.