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Cool New Gizmos For Home, Families, Kids

The huge Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas -- just call it Gadget Paradise! -- isn't just for techies.

It has plenty of neat, cutting-edge offerings for the home, families and kids.

And CNET-TV Senior Editor Natali Del Conte and CBS News Science and Technology Correspondent Daniel Sieberg demonstrated several on The Early Show Friday.

The following descriptions were provided or prepared with information provided by the manufacturers

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Crayola Digital Video Camera

The new digital video camera has rubberized parts for easy handling, one-and-a-half-inch color preview swivel screen, proprietary software for creating movies and adding special effects, a built-in microphone, and the ability to watch on TV directly with TV in/out. The camera is PC-compatible, has an expandable SD slot, 300k Pixels and records audio on video. $69.99

EasyBloom Plant Sensor

An Internet-enabled gardening device that recommends which plants will thrive in a specific location and diagnoses ailing plants. The EasyBloom enables anyone to enjoy a beautiful garden, from a single potted plant to a backyard full of blooms. Simply place the sensor anywhere in the ground and, within 24 hours, it will analyze the conditions and recommend the types of plants that would thrive in that location.

MobileEdge Scanfast Laptop Bag

This is a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag designed specifically for women. It meets and exceeds all TSA requirements to help you speed through security checkpoints without having to remove your laptop.

Zoombak Universal GPS Locator

A portable, multi-use locator that keeps track of anything. You can personalize it to send a text message to you, or you can use it as vehicle recovery system.

Power Mat Charging System

This is a great idea: a small mat that you put on your dresser, a table, whatever, that will charge your cell phone, Blackberry, even your computer, without wires. The process uses induction (wireless transfer of power), not conduction (wires). This is similar to the way "cordless" power toothbrushes can charge simply by setting them in the cradle. The Power Mat requires your devices have a compatible element on them, which can be supplied through a skin-tight case. Then, you simply place the items on the Power Mat, and they charge without any cables at all.

Chumby and Chumby Frame

This is a home tech item that taps into your wireless Internet connection, or "wired" (Ethernet cable) Internet. The original Chumby is a little bean bag with a small screen that can display local weather information, play music and videos, and even showcase your personal digital photos. Coming this summer -- a picture-frame version of the Chumby, which looks a lot more elegant.

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