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Cool Fall Fashions for Men

With cooler weather fast approaching, it's time to prepare to dress for it.

And Matt Bean, a senior editor of Men's Health magazine, showcased examples Thursday of some cool fall fashion trends for men, fresh from the runway, as part "The Early Show"'s "Fall Fashion Extravaganza" series.

What should men keep in mind when they're shopping for fall?

Bean said guys want real clothing that they can wear every day -- whether it's to the office or casual clothing for the weekend.

At Men's Health, Bean said they sort through the runway trends every season and come up with a few key ideas that will help guys update their wardrobe without looking like a fashion victim.

"This isn't about a total makeover," he said. "It's all about finding the looks that you are most comfortable in and updating your personal style."

Bean shared these men's trends on "The Early Show":

Trend #1: The Double Breasted Suit
When most of us hear "double-breasted suit" we think stuffy; bankers and CEOs.

However, this fall, he said there's a new, more modern style that is hip and young. Slimmer silhouettes and trimmer lapels can make this type a cooler alternative.

How to wear it:
Keep it sleek, including the shirt and tie. This is a modern/contemporary look more than classic/preppy. Tailoring and fit are very important because this jacket does not look good open and casual.

Trend #2: Thick Knits
After several seasons of lightweight sweaters its time to start thinking knit. This fall you'll see a lot of bigger, chunkier sweaters in the stores.

Cardigan or shawl-collar sweaters can be worn as outerwear in the cool fall months.

Unlike casual versions from seasons past, these new styles can be dressed up.

How to wear it:
You want to avoid anything too big or baggy. Even thick knits come in slim, trim fits and you'll want to keep everything else in your look relatively trim. In pants, tailored flat-front dress trousers or casual five-pocket styles in denim, moleskin, or corduroy will keep your profile lean.

Trend #3: Modern Prep
The preppy theme has been reinvented many times in the past few decades. The good thing is that classic preppy looks will be in style, so invest in a few key pieces like cardigans, colorful button downs and polo shirts.

How to wear it:
We like the idea of mixing preppy -- a sleek cardigan and striped shirt -- with something a bit more rugged, like jeans and boots to give it a more masculine, modern edge.

Trend #4: Belted Coats
A belt gives fall coats the slimmer, updated shape that will be everywhere this fall.

Trench coats are classic, and everyone should own one. But if you want to make a style statement, opt for a belted leather car coat or wool topcoat.

How to wear it:
The length of a coat determines if it works best with a suit or jeans. The shorter the coat, the more casual it is. Longer coats can work with suits.

Keep it simple underneath. Excess layers don't work with belted coats.