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Control a Virtual Family... The Sims

It has been 15 years since Will Wright created Sim City, a simulation game that let you build a city and control its destiny. The game is still popular after all these years and has been widely imitated. But Wright is still the master and he proves it with The Sims....a game that lets you control every aspect of the lives of a virtual family....

"What a lot of people end up doing at the very beginning is they will actually design their own family. You can put your own family in the game and set the personality of each character, give them their names. Then you can even design your own house. And so, what a lot of people start by doing is actually re-creating their house, their family, their friends and kind of this weird representation of their own life."
And then....

"And then you're actually dealing with the day to day life of these people. You have to deal with getting them a job, maybe making friends, going to work, falling in love, possibly getting married, having kids, having fights with the neighbors, domestic can start a fire inside the house, there can be floods."
It's strangely addictive and fun. Maybe you can even learn something....

"When you're playing this game you can't help but start imagining goals and ambitions for these little people. And then we tried to allow as many directions of exploration as possible. So it's a very open-ended game."
The Sims sells for under fifty dollars.

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