Conservative Pundit Pens Book On Mitt Romney's "Mormon Problem"

The big debate is finally here: Will Mitt Romney's Mormonism kill him in the mainstream Christian-voting gop presidential primaries? We think we've got a source who knows: conservative pundit and radio host Hugh Hewitt. "He, and the country, definitely have a 'Mormon problem,'" Hewitt tells us, "but not an insurmountable one." In a new book out in mid-March, Hewitt takes an in-depth look at Romney's life. And for Regnery Publishing's "A Mormon in the White House? 10 Things Every American Should Know About Mitt Romney," Hewitt even quizzed the former Massachusetts guv. His conclusion: "I don't even think it will be the biggest obstacle in his path to the Republican nomination." He did find a major hurdle, he teases, "though I will wait until publication in early March to discuss that."

By Paul Bedard