Conservative Magazine Urges RNC Delegates To Exercise Power Over McCain's Veep Pick

The National Review offers an editorial today pushing the notion that if John McCain makes "an error in judgment" in selecting his running mate, "conservatives should have an insurance policy."

What does that mean? The magazine opines that because "the names of unacceptable candidates [are] being bandied about as possible picks," conservatives should remember that they "are not powerless with respect to McCain's choice."

The delegates to the Republican National Convention, the editors point out, could abstain from supporting McCain if they disapprove of his vice presidential pick. They can't vote against the potential veep, but they can deny McCain the majority he needs to officially take the nomination – at least until he chooses a new running mate.

Such a scenario is, of course, pretty far-fetched. But the National Review argues that the possibility needs to be treated seriously.

"...conservatives are not, and should not be, willing to go along with McCain no matter what," the editors conclude. "Delegates should be prepared to stand for their principles, and the party's future."