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Conservative leader Cardenas backs Romney

Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union J. Scott Applewhite

(CBS News) SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Another conservative leader, American Conservative Union head Al Cardenas, endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for president on Monday.

Following similar backing from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush last week, Cardenas described Romney as an "honorable, worthy, competent, conservative candidate for our next commander-in-chief."

In an op-ed in the Daily Caller, Cardenas said he also hoped the primary process will be over as soon as possible. "Every week the primary continues," he wrote, "Republican chances for victory in November diminish because our sights are not set on our chief goal - defeating President Obama."

Cardenas, who was a prominent Romney supporters four years ago, likened the drawn-out primary to children in a car asking "Are we there yet?" and said none of the other candidates have enough delegates to realistically win the race.

Romney's campaign also announced the support of Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

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