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Conn. police receive 911 calls after cable goes out

FAIRFIELD, Conn. A Connecticut police department wants people to know that missing your favorite show isn't an emergency.

Fairfield police say they received numerous 911 calls about a cable outage that hit parts of southwestern Connecticut on Sunday night.

The message on the department's Facebook page says the outage is "neither an emergency or a police related concern."

The post warns that 911 should be used for life-threatening emergencies only and misuse of the 911 system may result in an arrest.

Responses to the request on the department's Facebook page ranged from incredulous to humorous.

"People should be arrested! The cable being out is NOT an emergency. Read a book for crying out loud!" wrote Facebook user Lisa Michelle.

"Clearly Fairfield PD doesn't watch Breaking Bad," wrote Facbeook user Don Shappelle.

Cablevision said in a statement shortly after 11 p.m. that there was a commercial power outage in its Norwalk facility. It says "the power matter has been resolved and service has been restored to our customers."

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