Conn. man pours out $200 in gas, charged with hazardous dumping

Conn. man charged after dumping $200 worth of gas
AP Photo, file

(CBS/AP) BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - Math is definitely not his best subject.

A Connecticut man poured about $200 worth of gasoline onto a city street, then went to a scrap metal yard and tried to sell the empty container worth $60, according to police.

Go figure.

Emilio Valentine of Bridgeport was charged Tuesday with illegally dumping hazardous material. He was released on a promise to appear in court.

Stephen Scholz of PC Metals tells The Connecticut Post that the 52-year-old Valentine dumped the fuel as he was driving and the metal container was still dripping when he pulled into the scrap yard.

Scholz told Valentine to leave.

Police say Valentine admitted dumping the gas after he failed in his efforts to sell it.

The state Department of Environmental Protection cleaned up the mess.

Who's going to clean up the apparent mess inside Emilio Valentine's head?