Congress responds to 60 Minutes' Allegiant Air investigation

Story on budget airline's safety record prompting calls for an audit of the FAA's enforcement practices

In last Sunday's story, "Flying Under the Radar," Steve Kroft reported about Allegiant Air and the ultra-low-cost airline's troubling safety record.

The story prompted a Congressional onslaught. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida has called on the Department of Transportation's Inspector General to conduct an audit of the Federal Aviation Administration's enforcement practices.

Congressmen Peter DeFazio, Luis Gutierrez and Rick Larsen have demanded an explanation from Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao of what steps her department will take to ensure passenger safety.

Below is the letter sent from Senator Nelson to the Department of Transportation's Inspector General, as well as letters from Congressmen DeFazio, Larsen, Charlie Crist and Steve Cohen to Secretary Chao.