Congrats, Kimberly!

Heartfelt congratulations go out to our Kimberly Dozier, who was awarded a Peabody Award for her reporting on two amputees – who are both Iraq war veterans … and who are both women.

Receiving a Peabody award is a big accomplishment – it was modeled after the Pulitzer Prize, only 35 people took the honor this year, including CBS News' Scott Pelley, for a 60 Minutes piece, and ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff, who, like Kimberly, survived a near-fatal attack while reporting in Iraq.

A bit of interesting television history courtesy of the Peabody Awards Web site:

The first awards, for radio programs broadcast in 1940, were presented at a banquet at the Commodore Hotel in New York on March 29, 1941. The ceremony was broadcast live nationwide on CBS and included addresses by CBS founder and board chairman William S. Paley.

Television programs first received awards in 1948. Early television winners include Howdy Doody, The Ed Sullivan Show and Edward R. Murrow's See It Now series. Recent winners include The Wire, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Dora the Explorer…

To learn more abou this year's recipients, you can read the AP story about the award over at The Showbuzz.