Condoleezza Rice: GOP sent "mixed messages" throughout election

(CBS News) In the wake of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's loss, the Republican party has spent the week talking about reshaping their identity to appeal more broadly to American voters. Friday, former Secretary of State during the Bush Administration, Condoleezza Rice, joined "CBS This Morning" to look ahead at her party's future and shared some foreign policy advice with President Obama.

While Rice maintained that the electoral college often skews the reality of an election -- "It was still a close election in the popular vote," she said -- she admitted that there is a need for a "bigger tent for the Republican party."

She explained that while the party stands for a lot of things that are "broadly popular with the American people" -- from "fiscal responsibility" to "the possibility of strong national defense," she admitted "clearly we are losing important segments of the electorate." 

Rice explained, "on the immigration issue ... and probably some issues about women too, some mixed messages were sent. And when you send mixed messages through the narrow funnel that is the media funnel, sometimes people only hear one side of that message.

Rice went on to speak with Charlie Rose and Gayle King about the Arab Spring, her advice for the Obama Administration on taking action in Syria, and the possibility of returning to politics. For more, watch the video above.