Conde Elevator tweeter discovered?


(CBS/What's Trending) - The Daily Beast is now pointing the finger at John Jannuzzi, a style editor at Lucky Magazine, as the person behind the hilarious @CondeElevator account. The anonymous tweeter posted conversations he overheard at Conde Nast's New York headquarters, which are every bit as backstabbing and shallow as you would expect them to be. The media giant is responsible for fashion magazines like the New Yorker, Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ.

The new information fits the description given to ABC News that the cyber culprit was an employee of a "4-16 magazine," meaning the floor that magazine was located on.

Whether the tweets were actually true or Jannuzzi is the actual culprit remains to be discovered, but whoever is in charge of the account apologized for all the controversy he or she caused in a carefully worded tweet. Another person told The Daily Beast that disciplinary actions were going to be put in place as soon as tomorrow, and when Jannuzzi was reached for comment, he forwarded the message to Lucky's PR team, who said corporate communications would follow up.

Jannuzzi isn't the only person being named. The Village Voice wrote they suspected current VV editor Jen Doll or former writer Joe Coscarelli, because they were one of the first 15 people to follow the account. While Conde Nast might be searching hard for the culprit, ABC reports that some employees at the company enjoy the prank and believe it shows the pretentiousness that overcomes some people once they start working for Conde Nast.

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