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Conchata Ferrell

When Conchata Ferrell was growing up in the tiny Appalachian town of Cane Fork, West Virginia, her family was the only one to own a television. Her father had gotten a job at a factory a long drive away, instead of doing what every other father did, work in the nearby coal mines.

Photos: A Familiar Face
Ferrell moved out of West Virgina, becoming first a hippie (this was 1967) and then a stage actress in New York. But if television was a unique presence in the Ferrell household, Ferrell is now something of a special presence on television. Her role as Berta the housekeeper in "Two And A Half Men", for which she has been nominated twice for an Emmy, is - the latest of an endless cavalcade of roles, in series ranging from "E/R" to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". - A recurring part on "L.A. Law" earned her an Emmy nomination in 1992. She has also appeared in small, vivid roles in movies ranging from "Mystic Pizza" to "Erin Brockovich."
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