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Comrades In Arms

CBS News journalists are reflecting on their fallen colleagues, Paul Douglas and James Brolan, who were killed yesterday in Iraq and correspondent Kimberly Dozier who remains in critical condition. You can watch correspondent Mark Phillips tell their stories by clicking on the picture below.

But others who know first-hand the dangers of Iraq are sending their thoughts as well. ABC's Bob Woodruff, the network anchor who was severely wounded last year in a similar attack, wrote about his colleagues on ABC's "World News Tonight" blog:

I have met both remarkable journalists Kimberly Dozier and Paul Douglas in so many different countries from Israel to Afghanistan. Their work and intelligence have always impressed me, whenever our paths have crossed.

James Brolan and I were embedded together, working very closely on many difficult stories. During the Iraqi invasion in 2003 we spent more than a month on the road with the Marines and it was often James' wonderful sense of humor that kept us going.

I was devastated this morning when I heard today's news. My thoughts are with all of the families and friends of the men and women injured today in Iraq.

Writing on his network's "Blogging Baghdad" blog, NBC News correspondent Richard Engel writes:
When I heard the explosion at 11 a.m. Monday morning, I had no idea I was listening to my colleagues being killed. The blast sounded just like the two other blasts - booming, rumbling, base sounds like claps of thunder – I'd heard before 9 a.m.

Now that I know what happened, however, I can't help but imagine the scene. I don't want to. I can't help it. I can see the aftermath, that evil kaleidoscope of smoke, blood, metal, soldiers and guns, all colored red with panic and blanketed with the lingering smell of munitions like a million struck matches.

We all fear that this day will come, the day when a bomb will tear a piece off of us.

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