Complaints: Looking Public Eye In the Eye

It appears we need to talk about housekeeping again.

Yes, we're sorry, but Public Eye's RSS feed still isn't up yet. I know we're a giant multi-national, evil-MSM behemoth. But we're also a pretty small group. People at have been a little bit crazy with real news like Katrina and Judge Roberts. But we promise to have it fixed early in the work week.

We'll also extend the word limit on comments soon. Vaughn explained our thinking in an earlier post and it appears to have been misguided. We also know that it can be hard to edit and write in our comment box. We trying, we're listening, I swear.

Jeff Jarvis, early adviser to and tough critic of Public Eye, has remarked on the quantity and quality of the comments on Public Eye. I'd be lying if I didn't admit we expected and probably hoped for more, but we were also warned that it takes time, lots of it. We've received plenty of brainy and contrarian comments, for sure. Some nice ones, too. And we've been swamped by useful criticism and tips, though a lot of it has come via e-mail not comments.

Still, we'd like a better conversation, more substantive, less knee-jerk MSM-bashing. Suggestions?