Companies that are actually hiring - right now!

U.S. companies say they expect to add more jobs in 2012, and many are hiring right now.

For more on the companies that are looking for workers, "The Early Show on Saturday Morning" turned to Jack Otter, executive editor of CBS, who named names on the broadcast.

These are the companies he listed that are currently hiring workers:

Acquity Group, which builds websites and other Internet-enabled applications, has hired 190 people so far this year and expects to add another 10 employees before the year ends. It currently has 475 employees, and plans to hire many more next year.

Ideeli had an information technology (IT) staff of 12 a year ago. The Internet flash sale retailer now has more than 60 IT employees, and is searching for more. The company is seeking project, program and product managers, developers, testers, system engineers, system administrators, application support personnel, and data science and data services experts.

Ticketmaster is a product of mergers and acquisitions - and its technology mix reflects that. It has system administrators, database administrators, an architecture group, engineering staff and other IT roles. The company currently has 100 tech openings across the U.S., a combination of filling vacancies and expanding to build out new platforms. It expects to have a staff of around 800 IT employees next year.

Tango, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based company makes tools that allow people to communicate via video on virtually any device. Its product is just over a year old and it has been adding users at a rapid pace - more than 27 million so far.

The company, which launched in 2009 in stealth mode with two people, today has 85 employees, with openings for about 18 more. The firm expects to have as many as 200 employees in a year.

Corbis, a Seattle-based digital imaging company owned by Bill Gates, is adding some 70 positions, system engineers, front-end Web developers, and experts in systems infrastructure.

For more on employment and the industries with the most demand, check out the video above.