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Community rallies around teen with brain cancer

ATLANTA - On a church soccer field outside Atlanta, hundreds of people - calling themselves Chip's Nation - rally around 14-year-old Chip Madren and his family. Last August, Chip was suddenly in crisis, battling aggressive stage-four brain cancer.

Chip's parents Lea and Ken were devastated. "It's all you can do to stand," Ken said. "We fell down in the street." "Screaming, yelling," Lea added.

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Right away, Chip had two brain surgeries. But the homecoming staged by Chip's Nation stunned his family. So many people wanted to help. Not just close friends - complete strangers.

Volunteers now do it all around the Madren house. They cook all the family's meals, do the laundry, the shopping and the cleaning - everything - every day.

Neighbors Jen Martel and Sarah Alverez watched Chip's Nation grow and grow. Within days, there was a calendar for meals. Volunteers line up to sign up on the family's website. There are no open slots through the end of May.

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"We're doing what we'd hope someone would do for us in that position," Martel said.

All of this support leaves Chip's family with only one focus: Chip's recovery. They're optimistic he'll get better. But his rehabilitation - like relearning how to walk and talk - will take time.

"I miss him," his mom Lea said. "He hasn't spoken in eight months."

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But Chip knows all about Chip's Nation. At a recent campout, $12,000 was raised. Other than hospital visits, the campout was Chip's first outing in eight months.

Stand Up to Cancer

He saw what his family already sensed. His nation - Chip's Nation - has become a movement.

"This mesh has just woven more and more closely with every person we meet," Ken said. "It's a terrible disease, but communities can really impact diseases like this. That's the story. That's Chip's Nation."

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