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Comments On Irish 'yes' To Lisbon Treaty

Reaction to Ireland's 'yes' vote to the Lisbon Treaty:


Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, whose country holds the EU presidency:

"Today is a good day for Europe. It has been a long journey."


Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt:

This is "an important victory for Ireland _ and for all of Europe!"


Irish Foreign Minister Micheal Martin, who directed the 'yes' campaign:

"I'm absolutely delighted for the country. It's good for Ireland, because I do passionately believe our future is in the European Union."


European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso:

"I want to congratulate the Irish people on reaching their overwhelming decision after such long and careful deliberation. I see the `yes' vote as a sign of confidence by the Irish people in the European Union, as a sign of their desire to be wholehearted members at the heart of the European Union. As a sign that Ireland recognizes the role that the European Union has played in responding to the economic crisis.

"Now that all member states have democratically approved the Lisbon Treaty, I hope that the necessary procedures for its entry into force can be completed as quickly as possible in Poland and the Czech Republic (where legal hurdles block ratification). Today was indeed a great day for the European Union."


EU Commissioner Margot Wallstrom:

"So what brought about the change of heart in Ireland? I hope one reason is the fact that people engaged much more. (The EU) listened to Irish voters' concerns after the first vote and ... responded to those by agreeing on 'guarantees' making clear commitments on the issues which mattered most to the Irish. I think these made a real difference and helped to reassure people."


Rebecca Harms and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, EU Green Party:

"This paves the way to securing the treaty that an EU of 27 member states needs, if it is to be better equipped to face these current times of global crisis. Only the Czech President Vaclav Klaus is persisting in blocking this process. Europe must now exert pressure on him to give up his twisted policy of obstruction. The Lisbon Treaty strengthens democracy in Europe."

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