Coming Soon: "Letter From Berlin"

Call it a holiday in Berlin; call it working double-time.

For the next two months, I'll be reporting from Germany thanks to an Arthur F. Burns foundation fellowship from the International Center for Journalists. I'll be writing for the Financial Times Deutschland and also filing for weekly dispatches, billed "Letter from Berlin." Check them out here on Wednesdays.

Thanks to this amazing opportunity I'm taking a hiatus from editing the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric section of and have abandoned (for just a while!) my seat next to your esteemed Couric & Co. editor Greg Kandra.

I'm in Washington, D.C., this week undergoing a rigorous and informative slate of daily lunches and seminars on foreign policy, reporting from abroad and U.S.-German relations, and attending one amazing reception at the German Ambassador's residence. (Most of this learning and networking is fueled by two of my favorite European imports: Riesling and Red Bull.)

I already have stories to share. Stay tuned for: The passport boondoggle.

Auf Weidresehen!