Coming Home: Marines' families share how they cope while loved one is deployed


CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford (right) with Maj. Ethan Krumnow's children

CBS News

In our series, Coming Home, we follow the lives of our nation's bravest as they return from combat zones abroad. On Monday, Aug. 6, we'll get a rare look at the challenges and sacrifices endured by the families of the United States Marines.

Earlier this year, CBS News was there when two Marines, Maj. Ethan Krumnow and Maj. Paul Rivera, returned home from Afghanistan. They shared about how they acclimated back to life in the U.S.

Now in emotional and honest conversations with the Marines, their wives and young children, CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford saw how families cope while their loved ones serve their country abroad.

"What was the day like when he left?" Crawford asked.

"Everyone was in the car and we were crying. For a long time," 8-year-old Lillian Krumnow said.

"I basically just thought, he's coming the next day, he's coming the next day, he's coming the next day – pretty much helped me through the whole thing," 8-year-old Caleb Rivera said.

Levi and Caleb Rivera CBS News

"I have to console them. Like, 'It's OK. We've got this. We can do this. Mommy's still here,'" mother Christina Krumnow said.

"You didn't know what the day ahead was going to be," Crawford said to Maj. Rivera's wife, Lilly.

"Just emotionally, I mean, I'm by myself here," Lilly responded, choking up with emotion.

Watch the full report Monday, Aug. 6, on "CBS This Morning," which airs 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET/PT. Maj. Krumnow and Maj. Rivera, along with their families, reveal their hardest moments – and how they found the hope and strength to persevere through the months they were separated from their loved ones. 

Maj. Ethan Krumnow and Christina Krumnow CBS News

Coming Home: Marines readjust to life after Afghanistan