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Comatose H1N1 Victim Gives Birth

Three weeks ago, Katie Flyte, then six months pregnant, developed a cough and fever. She had the H1N1 virus, commonly known as swine flu, but three different tests missed it. She is now in a drug-induced coma, unaware she's given birth.

Kenny Flyte, Katie's husband, said on "The Early Show" Thursday the virus would have been caught if doctors had used a more expensive test to detect it. He told CBS News an X-ray taken six days after her fever began was completely white, showing the flu's spread throughout her body.

Since the premature birth of their daughter, Abbey, the newborn has rallied, and is now doing "excellent," Kenny said. And although still in a coma, Kenny said Katie is doing well.

Kenny said he just wants people to become aware of H1N1, and protect themselves and others from spreading the virus.

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"They don't know enough about this H1N1 to really understand how to fight it," he said. "It's been 23 days, and (Katie's) still being treated for the H1N1. ... This isn't something to take for granted."

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