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Column: SNL Parody Puts Palin Faults On The Front Line

This story was written by Nina Tyler, Daily Trojan

In recent weeks, comedian Tina Fey has garnered a lot of attention for Saturday Night Live through her entertaining and accurate parody of GOP vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin. Thanks to a cameo appearance by the real Palin, you betcha (wink), SNLs already stellar ratings went through the roof, topping 14 million viewers. But did her appearance undo the damage she has inflicted upon the McCain campaign?

In a word, no.

By appearing on SNL, Palin acknowledged the jokes surrounding her intellect (that of Caribou Barbie), showed she has a sense of humor and tried to relate to a younger audience. But these attempts were futile, as SNL mocked her face-to-face as she smiled and danced along. Palin had no idea that people were laughing at her, and not with her, during her stint on SNL, which is only more cause for concern regarding her common sense.

Although Palin had only a few lines during the show (probably a good choice given her history), the appearance itself might have helped her likability but not her chance of winning more supporters. Palin has shown the American people that she is a hockey mom, a lover of the word maverick and an individual who is willing to laugh at herself. But what the American people need in this time of economic crisis experience, vision and integrity.

The Fey Effect, the uncanny physical resemblance and accurate portrayal of Palin by Fey, which is costing the Republican Party crucial votes, was only validated by the governors appearance on SNL. Actor Alec Baldwin made an appearance the same night. In the skit, he talked to Palin as if she were Fey seemingly confusing the two and poking fun at Palin by saying to SNL creator Lorne Michaels, This is the most important election in our nations history and you want her, our Tina, to go out there and stand next to that horrible woman.

At this point in the election, Palin has already proven she can be at the butt of everyones jokes. What a candidate should be focusing on, however, is looking presidential and prepared for the White House. Her appearance on SNL only further illustrated that Fey as Palin and Palin as herself are synonymous the impersonation is that frighteningly real.

In the Weekend Update segment on SNL, comedian Amy Poehler performed a rap song about Palin, as the vice presidential nominee sat in the news anchor chair, raising the roof. Poehler asked, Can I get a what-what from the senior section? poking fun at Republican nominee Sen. John McCains age. This only hurts the McCain-Palin ticket as the American people realize that Palin would be next in command if anything were to happen to McCain in office.

Rather than trying to move past her shortcomings, Palin is reigniting the fire behind her most infamous (or should I say toxic) quotes.

From my porch I can see Russia and stuff, Poehler rapped, referring to Palins interview with CBS anchor Katie Couric and playing up on the governors image of being ditzy, unintelligent and ill-prepared for the White House given her lack of experience and knowledge of foreign affairs.

As Palin sat only a few feet away, Poehler also got laughs for rapping about how McCains smile be creepy and suddenly shooting a moose dead, all while Palin bobbed her head to the beat.

Pakins SNL appearance didnt help the Republican Party at all. At this stage in the election, goofing around is not what voters are craving to see; voters want to be reassured by their presidential picks. Palins appearance on SNL validates why many think she is a joke and why independents and Republicans are switching gears and finding more contentment in the Obama-Biden ticket.

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