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Column: Presidential Election Blurring Lines Between Politics, Pop Culture

This story was written by Claire Burke, Indiana Daily Student
Saturday Night Live has really hit the jackpot this year.

Whether its Tina Fey returning to imitate Sarah Palin or Will Ferrell making a guest appearance to do one last George W., there hasnt been an election in recent memory that has given the late-night skit show this much material.

You could almost hear the comedy gods rejoicing when John McCain picked a running mate who looked so much like Tina Fey that you can barely tell the difference when theyre both wearing those tiny glasses.

Palin said her foreign policy expertise includes the fact that she can see Russia from Alaska, but she can also blow through $150,000 on clothes and makeup in a little less than two months. (Thats not to say that some of us couldnt, but we arent running for VP, are we?) Yep, it was a match made in comedic heaven.

But SNLs outrageous skits and even more outrageous ratings have pointed to a greater theme in the election: This is certainly the most important election most of us have been a part of. With the economy tanking and the government refusing to confirm or deny a deadly attack on Syria while the military is still spread dangerously thin elsewhere, this election matters more than any in recent memory.

We are even seeing this election become a part of popular culture. The other day, my roommate and I were joking that we both got a lot of our political information from Web sites such as and We both felt ashamed for a second until we realized its not really any worse than people getting their news from places such as The Daily Show. Also, we both read the newspapers every day, so its not our sole source of news.

Barack Obama has also been on the cover of Us Weekly at least twice, while the McCain family has graced the cover of People and Sarah Palins family situation has been tabloid fodder since she was selected as McCains running mate. With this blurred boundary between politics and entertainment, its no wonder SNL has done so well this season.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to get out there on Tuesday (or before) and vote. Vote, vote, vote. Its your civic duty.

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